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Program Immunology & Inflammation

Friday 25 August 2023

Immune multi-omics 
Unravelling the impact of the immune micro-environment on the aggressive behavior of (inflammatory) breast cancer. 

During this seminar we will discuss the critical role of different tumour-infiltrating immune effector cells in the behavior of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) cells. Futhermore, we will highlight how tetraspanin-related molecular pathways control homing of various immune effector cells to cancerous tissues and how the spatial localization of these immune cells matters. 

The research of Prof. Fedor Berditchevski, from the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences at the University of Birmingham, is focused on communication between cells in tumour microenvironment. He will talk about B-cells, monocytes, and the role of exosomes and tetraspanins in shaping the immune microenvironment in breast cancer. In collaboration with Prof. Steven Van Laere and Dr. Christophe van Berckelaer, both affiliated with UAntwerpen, he started a new research project to carry out a comprehensive characterisation of the immune microenvironment in IBC.

Supported by FGGW & Antwerp Doctoral School’s “Omkadering Jonge Onderzoekers”.

Location: Campus Drie Eiken, Building S, D.S.020
Time: 15u - 17u
No registration needed