Geneeskunde en Gezondheids­wetenschappen

Thursday 23 November 2023

Cellular and molecular dynamics underlying inflammation
Inside the Cell: Decoding the Cellular Dynamics of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration – Spotlight on C9orf72 Mutation in ALS and FTD

Prof. Boris Rogelj, Head of the Dept. of Biotechnology at the J. Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia will share his recent findings on the multifaceted nature of C9orf72 as a potent regulator influencing inflammation, autophagy, and neurodegeneration.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Learn about macromolecular interactions (protein-protein, RNA-protein and RNA-RNA) and their role in nuclear transport, cellular stress and homeostasis.
  • Explore the link between inflammation and the C9orf72 mutation in neurodegeneration (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia).
  • Understand the roles of TARDBP, FUS, and C9orf72 genes in the broader context of immune responses and cellular stress.

Feel free to invite peers, researchers, clinicians and students across faculties and groups. Certificate of participation provided upon request.

Location: Campus Drie Eiken,  Building S, D.S.263​
Time: 11u​