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Program Immunology & Inflammation

Thursday 16 November 2023

Immune-competent organoids
The role of the immune system in Parkinson’s disease

Seminar Prof. Marina Romero-Ramos (CNS Disease Modeling Group of Aarhus University, Denmark)

Seminar by Dr. Elise Van Breedam (session host) and Julia Di Stefano
‘Meet the speaker’ lunch (~1h) (location: S.263, Campus Drie Eiken) - max. 20 registrations*

In this session we dive deeper into the role of the immune system in Parkinson’s disease.

We are privileged to have Prof. Marina Romero-Ramos, from the CNS Disease Modeling Group of Aarhus University (Denmark), as our main speaker. In her lecture, Prof. Marina Romero-Ramos will elaborate on the immune responses in Parkinson’s disease encompassing both brain and periphery, innate and adaptive immune cells: in a response that is dynamic and differs between sexes. In addition, our host Dr. Elise Van Breedam and Julia Di Stefano, will highlight the use of brain organoids as a novel tool to study different disorders associated with neuroinflammation, including Parkinson’s disease.  

This session is open to all peers, researchers, clinicians and students interested, affiliated to the University of Antwerp.

Exceptionally, this session will be followed by a 'Meet-the-speaker'-lunch. Please register here before 5 November and indicate whether you want to participate this 'Meet-the-speaker'-lunch.

*Note: The number of participants for the lunch is limited. In case the number is exceeded, you will be placed on the waiting list. Take into account that only those who followed the session can join for lunch. A no-show fee policy is in place.

Location: Campus Drie Eiken,  Building S, D.S.263​
Time: 11u
Registration required