• Purpose: test your existing knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary and closing any gaps
  • Course: English
  • Programme: all programmes


Level B2 (of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is required to start university studies in English in Flanders. This specific use of language is necessary in order to process learning material and complete assignments. A good mastery of academic English is therefore a key to study success.

For whom?

For all future students in a programme taught in English and their teachers.

What is it about?

This self-study pack introduces you to the grammar and vocabulary of English, which you will use during your university studies. You will strengthen your vocabulary and in terms of grammar, you learn about: verb tenses, modal verbs, conditionals, verb patterns, reported speech, adjectives and adverbs, quantifiers, question words, (relative) pronouns, prepositions, dependent prepositions. By means of exercises you can check where you stand and tackle what you score poorly on.