• Purpose: find out what mathematical knowledge is expected for a certain programme, test it and close any gaps.
  • Course: mathematics
  • Programme: social-economic sciences


This self-study pack helps you to find out which mathematical knowledge is expected in the programme of your choice. You can check to what extent your knowledge matches this and in which areas you need some extra practice.

For whom?

For all future students who want to follow a programme in which mathematical knowledge is expected, as well as for their teachers.

What is it about?

The initial test for each course gives you a first idea of your previous knowledge of mathematics and what is required for a particular programme. Based on the feedback of the entry test you can go through the learning material. In the overview per programme, you choose the programme of your choice; then you will find the modules that are recommended for that specific programme.

Each module consists of an initial test, theory, examples and exercises and a final test. The following topics are covered: arithmetic, polynomials and equations, drawing research and inequalities, law, trigonometry, matrices, limits, derivatives, special functions, function progression, complex numbers, splitting into partial fractions and integrals.

For each programme, you will also find an overview of possible preparatory activities on campus (e.g., in September before the start of the academic year), practice material for calibration tests, extra recommended learning material and support possibilities during your study.