Dimitri is a spatial designer and researcher with a strong belief in the importance of fundamental research in order to tackle spatial issues with multidisciplinary solutions. He holds a master's degree in architecture (UHasselt) and in urban design and spatial planning (KU Leuven). During his education, Dimitri focused on urban metabolism as a research and design tools for cities. This was translated into his master’s thesis 'urban metabolism as a spatial design tool for the optimization of water cycles', which made Dimitri the laureate of the VRP graduation prize.

After graduating, Dimitri worked for a year on large-scale projects at ‘Maat-ontwerpers’. Still, he remained fascinated by research within spatial design and started in 2018 as a PhD researcher within the research group for urban developments.

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Favorite (place in the) city

Valencia, Jardin del Turia. The fill up of the river Turia (due to heavy flood problems) resulted in a free space with a length of 9 km close to the city, later arranged as a park. The mix of large-scale, small-scale, temporary and permanent functions creates an impressive liveliness in the park, from the morning until deep into the night.