Athina is a doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp and at CIRIEC Belgium. As a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (H2020 MSCA-ITN) fellow within the European ASTRA project, she undertakes interdisciplinary research at the intersection of urban studies, social work, and social economy. Her work focuses on the critical role of social urban policy and social organisations in revitalising disadvantaged districts in Brussels. Athina holds a Master's in Architecture from the University of Patras and a M.Sc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Development from the University of Stuttgart, supported by a scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation in Greece. Her master's thesis explored the dynamics and localities of citizens’ grassroots initiatives in Athens during the 2008-2019 austerity period. In addition to her academic pursuits, Athina has gained professional experience as an architect on projects in Athens and China and has participated in various international architectural competitions.

Favourite (interior) architecture project

One of my favorite architectural projects is Balkrishna Doshi’s Sangath Architect's Studio in Ahmedabad. I have been fascinated by Doshi’s architecture since I was first introduced to his work by a dear Indian friend. His designs masterfully blend modern aesthetics with traditional Indian elements, making innovative use of natural light and incorporating sustainable features. The serene and contemplative spaces of Sangath, along with its seamless integration with nature, perfectly embody Doshi’s philosophy that architecture serves humanity. This project, in particular, resonates with me for its thoughtful approach to creating environments that uplift the human spirit and its interconnectedness with nature.

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Liege - Belgium