Ilse Lindenbergh is a PhD candidate at Antwerp University. She uptained her Masters degree in Interior Architecture in 2021. While studying interior architecture her passion for academic research grew and she searched for ways to improve and optimise her skills. This let to a second masters study in Heritage Studies, also at Antwerp University. Her goal is to find commun ground between both fields. During her studies she specialised in museum studies. After her studies she worked at DIVA museum in Antwerp. Her PhD research focuses on sustainable scenography for temporary exhibitions.

Favourite (interior) architecture project

A painting may not be a 'project' in itself, but it gives a unique glimpse into the past. "De Kunstkamer van of Cornelis van der Geest" by Willem van Haecht II was painted in 1628, during Antwerp's golden age. The painting shows the art room of Cornelis van der Geest, in which he invited his friends and acquaintances, often important people of their time. Art rooms were filled with paintings, sculptures, inventions and exotic objects to be exhibited and discussed. It is basicly an exhibition at home. You can constantly discover new elements in this detailed impression of an art room.

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