Hadeel Al-Sallal is an architect and engineer whose academic and professional path encompasses both mechanical engineering and architecture with a particular emphasis on renewable energy. Holding a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in Renewable Energy, she has experience in green buildings, renewable energy technologies, and environmental sustainability.

Currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Antwerp, she is conducting pioneering research on using Rammed Earth in sustainable construction, exploring ways to enhance its application as an energy-efficient and resilient building material while considering cultural implications.

Parallel to her academic pursuits, she is actively involved in leading environmental development projects that promote the adoption of sustainability and innovative energy solutions.

Favourite (interior) architecture project

The organic masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater (1935), captivates me with its dynamism, Japanese-inspired space, and striking natural integration. Perched atop an active waterfall, it is a living harmony of man and nature, honoring the environment by intertwining the building and surrounding landscape into a unified composition.

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