Chenling Wu is a PhD candidate in Urban Planning, Design, and Policy at Politecnico di Milano. She started in 2024 as a visiting researcher at the Research Group for Urban Development in the University of Antwerp to Collaborate with Prof. Maarten Van Acker and Dr. Dimitri Voordeckers. She obtained a Master of Urban Planning (2021) from Tianjin University and a Master of Urban Design and Planning (2020) from University College Dublin.

Chenling’s work lies at the intersection between urban planning and environmental issues, with a focus on air pollution. Her PhD topic is analysing the combined effect of urban form and urban greening on air quality. During here research stay, Chenling will research the complexity of the impact of different street designs on air pollution exposure.

For More: LinkedIn, Politecnico Di Milano

Favorite (place in the) city

Rome, the Eternal City, has a mix of awe-inspiring ruins, iconic evergreen stone pines, and hidden legends. My favourite experience is walking through the busy streets, then arriving at the Palatino on a random afternoon in April.