This chair sees Water-link and the University of Antwerp working together for purer drinking water. The research focuses on new forms of water pollution that are not yet fully understood. Thanks to a unique analysis device and the combined knowledge of Water-link and the university, drinking water can be screened with extreme accuracy.

This research effectively provides drinking water operators with a crystal ball – a predictive system that can quickly detect pollution in surface waters and, where possible, purify it. In exceptional cases of force majeure, the system can also be used to inform local authorities and citizens.

The research carried out by this chair is unique, including various disciplines such as:

  • chemical analysis techniques
  • risk assessment
  • environmental economics
  • sociology

In addition to PhD funding, other projects are also being considered, including a series of lectures.

  • Chairholder: Siegfried Vlaeminck
  • Faculty: Science
  • Active: since 2017
  • Partner

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