The University of Antwerp and the APB Gouverneur Kinsbergencentrum are joining forces for the new 'Chair Province of Antwerp Healthcare Professions in Evolution'. Purpose of the chair? Strengthen the appeal and resilience of the healthcare sector at provincial level with a view to future sustainability. Here, the chair guarantees an interactive approach with the professional field in the field of technology, work organization and service provision processes with and by care organizations, local authorities and other stakeholders involved.

The 'Learn Province of Antwerp Healthcare Professions in Evolution' proposes three substantive work packages:

  1. Analysis of the offer work differently
  2. Building up and expanding work-based learning with innovative scientific skills can move on to organizations
  3. Elaboration, implementation and evaluation of three pilot projects
  • Chair holder: Mrs. Giannoula Tsakitzidis
  • Promoters: mr. Paul Van Royen and Mr. Peter van Bogaert
  • Members of the core team: mr. Erik Franck, Mrs. Eva Goosens and Mrs. Josefien Van Olmen
  • Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Active: since 2021
  • Partner: APB Governor Kinsbergen Center