Hélène Verreyke, Geert Vanpaemel & Steph Scholten

Academic Heritage at Campus Mutsaard

19 April 2022 - 19:00
Stadscampus UAntwerpen 
Gebouw R (s.R.001) - Rodestraat 14

At Campus Mutsaard, you are submerged in 360 years of academic heritage of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the precursors of the Programs of the Faculty of Design Sciences. The unpurposely curated collections form an organic whole with the buildings, as witnesses of the rich and diverse past of this place of education. Hélène Verreyke will have a conversation with Steph Scholten of the Hunterian (Glasgow University) and Geert Van Paemel (KULeuven) about how similar collections in Europe were formed and what the potential is of the Academic Heritage at Campus Mutsaard.

About Hélène Verreyke - Universiteit Antwerpen

Hélène Verreyke has worked at M Museum Leuven, acquiring expertise on preventive conservation and museology as head of exhibitions. At the Erasmus University Rotterdam and University College London – Qatar, she worked on topics related to engaging audiences through community participation, such as community museums. Graduating with a dissertation on the collection of Ghent University, the topic of Academic heritage has resurfaced when she started working as an Assistant Professor Museum and Heritage Studies at the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp.   

About Geert Vanpaemel - KU Leuven

Geert Vanpaemel (emeritus professor KU Leuven) is expert in the history of science in the Low Countries from 1500 onwards, a subject on which he wrote extensively. Until his retirement he was chair of the KU Leuven Commission for Academic Heritage and director of the Academic and Historical Heritage Office, in charge of University Archives, Art Heritage and Scientific Collections and Heritage. In 2013 he co-authored the first critical assessment of Flemish University Collections Balans en Perspectief. He is a member of Universeum and UMAC.

About Steph Scholten - Director of the Hunterian

Steph Scholten joined The Hunterian (University of Glasgow) in 2017 and was previously Director of Heritage Collections at the University of Amsterdam. Steph is an experienced museum director and academic with over 25 years experience in the cultural sector. He is an art historian by background with an international reputation and extensive knowledge of museum collections. In The Netherlands, he worked for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, for the National Institute for Conservation, at the National Museum of Antiquities and was in charge of the extensive and important collections and museums of the University of Amsterdam.