Low traffic neighbourhoods

Impacts of reducing through motor traffic in neighbourhoods: lessons from London

Rachel Aldred (University of Westminster)
Thursday March 7th - 5pm

Stadscampus Mutsaard: s.Mu.A2.03 - Ambtmanstraat 1, 2nd floor

With this city-debate we delve into the transformative journey of reducing through motor traffic in neighbourhoods, drawing inspiration from the experiences and lessons learned in London. 

Drawing inspiration from London's experiences, Rachel delves into the multifaceted impacts of minimizing motor traffic flow in neighbourhoods. The presentation highlights key lessons learned, including improvements in air quality, enhanced safety for pedestrians and cyclists, the promotion of active transport, and the importance of community engagement. The audience can expect to gain valuable insights into the economic, social, and environmental benefits of such initiatives, emphasizing the need for thoughtful planning, ongoing evaluation, and inclusive decision-making processes for sustainable urban development.


  • 5pm: Introduction – Dirk Lauwers
  • 5.10pm: Low traffic neighbourhoods - Rachel Aldred
  • 5.40pm: Pitches

    Liveability -citizen science (straat vinken) - Thomas Vanoutrive
    Air quality and street design - Dimitri Voordeckers
    Pleinenplan - Maarten Vrebos / Luk Vanmaele

  • 6.10pm: Debate on challenges for liveable neighbourhoods
  • 6.30pm: Q&A
  • 7pm: closing drinks

About Rachel Aldred 

Rachel Aldred is Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster, and Director of the Active Travel Academy. Rachel has fifteen years’ experience of researching active travel, and has made contributions to the field in areas including conceptualising and calculating active travel potential, developing methods for evaluation research, near miss studies, applying epidemiological methods to active travel injury risk, and exploring cultures of active travel, including processes of stigmatisation and marginalisation. Besides, Rachel also teaches on Westminster’s MSc Transport Planning and Management.