Some days we have to take the rough with the rough. We all have moments were we are overwhelmed by things that demands energy. In these times we feel "stressed". If we do not undertake action at that moment in time, we run a risk of becoming overworked or maybe even being burn-out.

In this course we will start with reflecting on the theoretical concept of "stress" in order to search for practical tips which could help you face more difficult times. We will learn to better recognize and interpret (in a correct matter) our signs of distress. In addition, there will be given insights into the role of recovery, pitfalls and our thoughts in stressful periods, but we will also search for options to intervene in the working context.

Practical information

Dates and location:

Course HC01: 27 September and 4 October 2023
9h00 till 12h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301
Course HC02: 5 and 19 December 2023
13h00 till 16h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301​


Babette Van Cleemput (The Human Link)

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This course counts for 0,6 points.


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