Content of the workshop

Target group

PhD researchers, both Belgian and foreign PhD students are welcome


Lots of PhD students come from another country, and several Belgian PhD students work in an intercultural environment and will themselves go abroad later. In this 2 day interactive course we explore how you can get to know our foreign colleagues a bit better and learn from each other. We take out time to get to know each other in this workshop too. The key is that you always meet a person, not a culture.

On the program: - cultural dimensions - discussing your own cases with 3 models for intercultural communication - testing your ability to adapt to different communication styles

You get the opportunity to look up your own personal profile according to the 8 cultural dimensions of Erin Meyer (INSEAD Business School). We also introduce a different model, one that in contrast to most, does not focus on culture, but on communication and this on meeting people, not cultures.


Case analyses, theory, discussion, a card game, speed dating, exercises. 

Practical information

Dates and location:

This course is not scheduled in the 1st semester of 2022-2023.


Ann De Ron

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This course counts for 1,2 points


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