This training is designed to provide you with both the skills and the tools to become a better leader, manager, and collaborator. It helps if you already have leadership experience, but it is not required. However this training is more than a just a set of scientifically proven models, it is a leadership trajectory, where we will start with a 2 day deep dive, followed with 3 half day reconnects, each set about 2 weeks apart, to enable you to start implementing the training in practice. There will be substantial pre-work and homework. So if you hope to follow this training to tick a box, it might not be for you. If you however want to start growing as a leader of others and are not afraid of working hard and learning a lot, this training will give you science, practice, and experience.


  1. Understanding the difference between leadership, managing, and coaching. 
  2. Understanding the different leadership styles, and when to apply them. 
  3. Understand and practice the tools for visionary leadership:
    1. Motivate and inspire others.
    2. Value based teams. 
    3. Leveraging different types of goal setting (performance, process, learning). 
    4. Give clear result oriented feedback. 
  4. Understand and practice the tools for individualised leadership:
    1. How to ask the right questions. 
    2. Build trust and relationships via listening. 
    3. Leverage coaching as a leader.
  5. Understand and practice the tools for participative leadership: 
    1. How to delegate tasks and responsibility 
    2. Create collaborative partnerships 
    3. Understanding the power of moments. 
  6.   Understanding personality and the impact of leadership styles.

Prework and Intermediate Homework

Before the training the participant will be asked to share their learning objectives for the training, complete an online assessment and ask managers, colleagues, peers,reportees or students to complete a leadership assessment about them.

Practical information

Dates and location:

Course HC04: 2 full days and 3 half days
18 and 19 March 2024
from 9h00 till 17h00
Campus Drie Eiken - Building R - Room R.102
18, 30 April and 16 May 2024
from 13h00 till 17h00
Campus Drie Eiken - Building Q - Room Q0.30, except for 30 April: Room R.102


Robin Lefebvre, business manager and coach of the training company Grow to excel. His credo is “Excelling leaders are grown not born”.

Language of the course:



This course counts for 2,2 points


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Registration is possible from 9 January 2024.