Target group and objectives:

PhD students who give presentations in English. By practising the relevant vocabulary, phrases and grammar and with the help of individual guidance by the lecturer, the participants' English presentations will become more correct, more effective and more professional. At the end of the course the participants will feel more confident when giving presentations in English.


The course improves the effectiveness and clarity of the participants' English presentations by practising the use of vocabulary, structures and phrases related to public speaking in English focusing on relevant grammar and pronunciation.


Besides practising the relevant grammar, vocabulary and phrases individually, in pairs and in groups, participants will learn by means of simulations and short oral presentations. Individual feedback and error analyses allow participants to focus on their particular problems.


The coursebook was developed by Linguapolis using our experience with similar courses, error analyses of student research papers and course feedback by students who followed the course in the past. As a result, the course meets the needs of the target group perfectly.

Practical information


Course HC05
1, 15, 22 February and 7, 21, 28 March 2024
9h30 - 12h30
Campus Middelheim - Building G - Room G.017
Course HC06
22, 29 March, 19, 26 April and 17, 24 May 2024
9h30 - 12h30
Campus Middelheim - Building G - Room G.016
Course HC07
15, 29 April, 13, 27 May and 3, 10 June 2024
13h30 - 16h30
Campus Middelheim - Building G - Room G.017


Susan George  or Zoë Teuwen (Linguapolis)

Language of the course:



This course counts for 1,5 points.


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