Why are introverts better at building lasting networks? Why is faking it a bad strategy? What do extraverts have to learn to grow better relationships? In this workshop we will learn how to captivate our audience, by deconstructing the perfect pitch, making a great first impression and how to build lasting relations. Change the networking game from the superficial business card exchange market to growing professional (and personal) relationships that will help you throughout your future career.

In this workshop you will learn how to structure a perfect pitch that can capture your target audience and go from a presentation to a conversation … and perhaps an invitation. You’ll put the theory in practice and get feedback on your efforts. We will cover different types of pitches and where what is best used. We will talk about how you can make it ‘natural’ so you will actually use your pitch.

Furthermore we will learn networking strategies that you can personalize to meet your personal style and connect with people you actually like. You will learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to maintain and expand your network with purpose. How to start conversations that build real connections. During the workshop we will put all the elements together into a plan that you can use to become a better networker, both as an introvert or an extravert.

Training Objectives

  1. Learn the different parts of a perfect pitch.
  2. Learn how to give a clear and convincing 1-min presentation that captures the attention of your target audience.
  3. Learn how to make a pitch, so that you will actually pitch-it.
  4. How to grow your Network with purpose?
  5. How to make first contact in a comfortable and enjoyable way?

This course requires pre-work and intermediate homework.

Practical information

Dates and location:

Course HC04 (1 full day and 1 half day) :
12 March 2024
9h00 - 17h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301

22 March 2024
13h00 - 17h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301
Course HC05 (1 full day and 1 half day)
17 May 2024
9h00 - 17h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301

22 May 2024
13h00 - 17h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301


Robin Lefebvre, business manager and coach of the training company Grow to excel. His credo is “Excelling leaders are grown not born”.

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This course counts for 1,1 points


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Registration is possible from 9 January 2024.