Visual communication is a great way to explain complex information, such as your research. In this workshop, we'll learn that you don't need a background in design or years of Photoshop experience to create visuals that work. We'll have a look at basic design principles that help you tell a convincing visual message. We'll explore (mostly free) resources and tools to turn your research into powerful pictures. And you'll take your first steps into photo editing and illustration. Use the power of visuals to share your research with the world!

By the end of this workshop you will have covered 4 themes:

  1. Elements of a strong image
  2. Types of images
  3. Editing images
  4. Visualization of scientific research
Day 1: The use of images in scientific communication
  • Part I: Elements of a great visual (theme 1)
  • Part II: Types of visuals (theme 2)
Day 2: Creating, editing and using images
  • Part III: Editing visuals (theme 3)
  • Part IV: Visualizing your research (theme 4)

For this course, particpants will be asked to work on a preparatory assignment and an intermediate assignment (approx. 1 à 2 hrs.) after course day 1.

Practical information

Course dates and location:

This course will be scheduled again in Spring 2023.


Koen Van den Eeckhout (Baryon design)

Language of the course:



1,2 points


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