Content of the workshop

So there you are, (almost) the proud owner of a PhD degree and impatient to secure an interesting job outside of university walls. You’ve already spotted some relevant companies, organizations and specific job offers.

But, how do you convince people that you are not overspecialized and indeed ready for the real world? How can you make sure your cv stands out from all the other candidates’ in a positive way?

In this workshop you get the opportunity to tailor your own cv to a specific job offer and a specific company or organization. We discuss how to write an accompanying mail that will increase your chances of getting through the first quick selection round, and how you present your PhD as a strength instead of a handicap.

  • The importance of a job application tailored to a specific job offer
  • First feedback round on your cv
  • How to analyse a job offer
  • How to tailor your work experience, competences and personality to a job offer and shorten it to the right length
  • Do’s and don’ts cv and accompanying mail
  • Rewrite your cv and mail + final feedback round

Important: The workshop builds on an existing job offer that you are interested in.

Preparatory assignment

For this course, you 'll need to send to the trainer 1 week before the workshop following preparation :  

  • find 1 non-academic job offer (=job advertisement) that you are interested in
  • write a first draft of your cv and accompanying mail for this job offer. The workshop language will be English, but you can prepare either an English medium or Dutch medium job offer/cv/mail text.

Practical information

Date and location:

Course HC01: 28 March 2024
9h30 - 13u00
Campus Middelheim, Building A, Room A.302


Ann De Ron

Language of the course:



This course counts for 0,3 points


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Registration is possible from  9 January 2024.