If you work on a PhD, you will have to collaborate with various academic colleagues and external partners, in order to achieve your objectives in due time. Being able to influence people to support your objectives will depend strongly on effective communication skills. Effective communication comes with a set of logical patterns, which you can learn to understand and apply in your daily interactions with others, at work and at home.

In this interactive one-day course, you will get to understand the basic framework and rules behind effective communication. Also, you will get to learn and practice with your own cases the fundamental techniques that will help you to achieve your objectives by means of constructive collaboration. If you like, you can take the opportunity to find a buddy partner and enjoy the benefits of longer lasting experience exchange and support. You’ll end the day with your personal action plan in which you can translate your insights into practical goals for the near future.

Learning outcomes

Understanding and practicing:

  • Possibilities and limitations of one's own communication and interaction style, how to develop more style flexibility
  • Natural reaction patterns in the workplace and how to break through them
  • Difference between sub-assertive, assertive and aggressive communication
  • Communication techniques LSD: listening, summarizing, questioning ...
  • Establishing clarity (CORPI)
  • Dealing with differences of opinion
  • Dealing with the resistance of others
  • Practicing with your own cases (difficult situations)
  • Personal learning and action plan​

Preparatory work

Before the course, participants are asked to complete a questionnaire in which they can indicate their learning goals and expectations in order to adapt the training to the needs.

Practical Information

Course dates and location:

Course HC01: 15 November 2024
9h00 - 16h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301
Course HC02: 13 December 2024
9h00 - 16h00
Campus Middelheim - Building A - Room A.301


Hanneke Kennes (Evermind)




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