It’s never too late to start growing your future career. And shaping your future starts with you.

This training will help you to build the brand called YouTM, by starting from your strengths, values and passions. Starting from why you do what you do, how you do it and what you stand for. Afterwards, you will learn how and where to sell it. This includes getting insider information on how talent based recruitment works. As well as learning about how to prepare, the do’s and don’ts for your resume and how to shine in your interview.

• Increasing your personal effectiveness, by building the ‘brand called you’, from your strengths, values and passions
• Why, when, and how to sell the brand YouTM
• Understanding the purpose of the CV, the do’s and the don’ts for a non-academic CV
• Further growing your exposure by leveraging LinkedIn
• Understanding the different phases of talent recruitment and how to best prepare yourself

Awareness – Participants will…

  • Have a better understanding of their own strengths and know how to grow faster leveraging their strengths.
  • Have a better understanding of their personal passions and values and can leverage them as a compass to set goals that lead to action.
  • Have a better under of how recruitment works in general and how to best prepare for them.

Skills – participants will be able to…

  • Make a more informed choice on how the select a job application.
  • Be more intentional on expanding and leveraging their network.
  • Be able to determine what competences they want to build further to make them more successful in their future career.

Target group

The target audience for this training are nearly graduated PhD students


Two weeks ahead of the course, you will be asked to prepare for the training, which will include doing an online strengths finder assessment.

Practical information

Data and location:

​Course HC02 : 3 days:
11, 12 and 19 December 2023
9h00 - 17h00
Campus Drie Eiken - Building  Q - Room Q.030 
Course HC04: 3 days:
13, 14 and 23 December 2024
9h00 - 17h00
Campus Drie Eiken, Building R - Session 1: R.015, session 2 & 3: R.108


Robin Lefebvre: business manager and coach of the training company Grow to excel. His credo is “Excelling leaders are grown not born”.

Language of the course:



This course counts for 2,1 docop-points.


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Registration is possible from 9 January 2024.