Description of the workshop

In this online interactive and engaging workshop, you will explore the concept of self-confidence in an academic context: how it is acquired, how it can be sabotaged (inner-critic) and how it can be changed. This workshop offers strategies, tools and techniques to build positive self-esteem and to successfully deal with ‘imposter syndrome’.

By the end of the three sessions, you will:

  •  understand common challenges as a PhD researcher that can lead to self-doubt and have actions to help in such situations
  • have identified and challenged the unhelpful ways you think you ‘should’ be – that is, the selfimage relative to which you develop impostor syndrome
  • recognise patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that undermine confidence, and how they arise
  • have tools to help develop new perspectives and behaviours that contribute to confidence
  • have learned how to practice elements of mindfulness, using different cues to bring attention to ‘here and now’ and develop self-compassion rather than self-criticism
  • have clarified your expectations relative to actual academic expectations
  • have actions and practical steps to implement what you have learned
  • have done all of this in the constructive and normalising context of a peer-group

Participants are expected to work on interim assignments / reflections between sessions.

Practical information

Dates and location : 

Course HC03: 8, 12 and 19 April 2024
13h30 - 16h30


Jamie McDonald 

Language of the course:



This course counts for 0,9 docop-points.


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