Many conflicts and problems in collaboration can be traced back to poor communication. It can be challenging when different viewpoints or paradigms meet and seem to be in opposition. What if we could find the words and attitude that really help resolve challenging situations? Can we learn how to listen to each other’s underlying needs and to what we truly want to say?

In this workshop we will explore and practice with the main principles of Connecting Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication, originally introduced by Marshall Rosenberg.

Connecting Communication is more than a toolbox. It is a way of thinking, speaking, listening, and acting which contributes to mutual understanding, connection, and cooperation.

Communicating in a connecting way means daring to share what is important to you, daring to be radically honest, and daring to ask for what you need. Connecting communication also means to not experience feedback as critical or threatening, but as an opportunity to learn and invest in lasting relationships and collaborations.

Connecting Communication stimulates powerful (inner) leadership, the basis for healthy relationships, both private and work related.


During this two-day workshop, you will be introduced to the principles and basic building-blocks of Connecting Communication. You will apply these to your own context or cases and take a closer look at your own communication habits and patterns. There will be various opportunities to practice the new skills with your peers, both plenary and in small groups. Together we will explore and start experiencing how Connecting Communication can open new perspectives and inspire to new ways of thinking and listening in our own day-to-day context.

The format of this course is interactive, and your full presence and active participation is required. The more we share, explore, and reflect together, the more all participants can learn. We will ask you to come prepared with some vivid personal cases from your own (work)context to work with during the 2 days.

Practical Information

Workshop dates and location :

Course HC01:
3 and 10 December 2024
9h30 - 16h30
Stadscampus - Building R - Room R. Annexe 001

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Silvia Platzer (Praatkracht)


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