Content of the workshop

Anyone can experience or witness transgressive behaviour. UAntwerpen's work experience survey showed that staff members with diversity characteristics (women, non-binary colleagues, colleagues with a migration background, colleagues with a disability,...) experience transgressive behaviour more often.

This training aims to make the collective norm discussable and to learn how to take collective responsibility to respond to someone who is making unwanted statements. This training is specifically organised for PhD students and young researchers only to help ensure a safe space.

During this training you will:

  • Learn to recognise transgressive behaviour, including discrimination.
  • Gain insight into (power) dynamics that normalise transgressive behaviour.
  • Learn to recognise (psychological and environmental) factors that hinder bystanders’ reactions.
  • Learn the importance of responding to transgressive behaviour, in particular as a witness to transgressive behaviour.
  • Gain insight into response strategies, mostly through the 4 D’s: Direct action, Distract, Delegate, Delay.
  • Learn which language to use to indicate personal boundaries, engage resources and discuss collective norms.

Practical information

Dates and location : 

Course HC01: 30 November 2023
9h00 - 11h00
Stadscampus - Building R - Room R.119
Course HC03: 1 December 2023
9h30 - 11h30
Campus Groenenborger - Building T - Room T.133


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